Pregnancy And Prenatal Care

David L. Principe, MD, FACOG

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist & Board Certified OB-GYN located in Clifton, NJ

Pregnancy and prenatal care go hand in hand. For a healthy, worry-free pregnancy, it’s important to seek prenatal care from an experienced OB/GYN. Board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and in maternal-fetal medicine, David L. Principe, MD, delivers superior pregnancy prenatal care to women throughout Clifton, New Jersey, and its surrounding communities. With an experienced staff and a close-knit practice, David L. Principe, MD, can care for all your pregnancy and prenatal needs. Call the office to schedule a visit today to learn more.

Pregnancy and Prenatal Care Q & A

What are pregnancy and prenatal care?

Prenatal care protects your health and the health of your unborn baby throughout your pregnancy. In addition to routine checkups, imaging tests, and blood work, prenatal care can involve changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Why are pregnancy and prenatal care important?

Pregnancy and prenatal care ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery without complications. These checkups with David L. Principe, MD, give your doctor better insight into your general health. That makes it easier for them to identify potential risks or complications that could hinder your ability to have a healthy pregnancy.

This way, your provider can create a personalized treatment plan for you early on, preventing potentially serious complications later in your pregnancy.

Prenatal checkups are also the perfect time to ask questions and voice concerns you may have about you and your baby.

What happens during pregnancy and prenatal care?

The goal of your prenatal checkups is to check for signs of pregnancy risks or complications, including:

  • Gestational hypertension (high blood pressure during pregnancy)
  • Gestational diabetes (high blood sugar levels during pregnancy)
  • Cervical incompetence
  • Fluid retention
  • Breathing problems

During your prenatal checkups, your provider might also order an ultrasound as well as lab tests for anemia, TB (tuberculosis), hepatitis, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), and toxoplasmosis.

In some cases, they’ll also recommend genetic screenings for inherited conditions, like Down syndrome, spina bifida, and cystic fibrosis. This is particularly true if you’re over 35 or have a pre-existing condition that raises your chances of a high-risk pregnancy.

Dr. Principe is a maternal-fetal medicine specialist with more than 20 years of experience. He routinely works with high-risk expectant mothers and makes it a point to develop long-lasting relationships with patients.

The staff at David L. Principe, MD, form a close-knit bond with you and your family. They know that pregnancy is a unique and special time for soon-to-be mothers of all ages. They’re proud to be part of a practice that you can trust. They treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism throughout your pregnancy.

To schedule a pregnancy and prenatal visit with David L. Principe, MD, call the office today.